• Syllabus for English as a Second Language, Level 1
         Students will learn to carry out simple commands pertaining to classroom routines, state personal preferences and answer WH questions.  Using visuals and graphic organizers they will identify content and concepts with labels, lists, or short phrases from content related text.  Students will show general improvement in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  Comprehension skills will increase through out the content areas while acquiring the necessary grammar to succeed.
         These are designed to cover listening, speaking, vocabulary, reading and writing skills through specific grammar activities across the 21st century core content areas.
    1.  Teaching sound system, ABCs
    2.  Teaching simple commands
    3.  Learning to use present, past, and future verb tenses
    4.  Understanding instructions
    5.  Learning prepositions of location
    6.  How to use count/non-count nouns
    7.  Knowing when to use articles
    8.  Learning basic sentence structure
    9.  Yes / No questions and tag questions
    10.  Simple paragraph writing
            1.  Emotions and Feelings
            2.  The Human Body
            3.  Ailments and Symptoms
            4.  Clothing
            5.  The language of Math, Science and History
            6.  Reading skills and concepts, i.e. narrator, setting, tone, theme...
            7.  Basic idioms, proverbs, superstitions
            8.  Holidays
                 We will read short passages together in class and finish the year by reading a book.  Students will practice various types of writing and will finish the year with a book report and reflective essays.
Last Modified on June 14, 2013