• One of the best ways you can donate to our library is to volunteer your time! Volunteers help us by shelving books, putting up displays, and organizing various projects so that we can spend more time teaching. Contact Leslie Batten if you are interested in volunteering in our school library. 
    The second best way to help us is to donate money. We are in constant need of funds in order to buy new books and supplies. Funds can be mailed to our school:
    Diggs-Latham Elementary Media Center
    986 Hutton Street
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101
    Please put "gift to the library" in the memo, and include your name and address so we may send you a thank you note! 
    We also have a Donors Choose account, which will help us pay for supplies and author visits. Follow our account and please donate to our projects!
    We are also always in need of the following items:
    New art supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, markers, construction paper, and glue sticks 
    Cricut cartridges and supplies
    Contact paper - solid colors preferred 
    Legos, Duplo blocks, and other building toys
    Clip boards 
    International stamps - to mail letters to our pen friends in India 
Last Modified on July 31, 2016