• Syllabus for English as a Second Language, Level III



        Students will understand idioms; correctly use words with multiple meanings and identity satire.  They will communicate ideas in a comprehensible manner, including use of cause and effect, compare and contrast, analogies and symbolism.  While reading they will be able to scan material to find details, identify evidence of bias, and describe data presented in tables and graphs. Information in graphic organizers will guide writing in multiple genres.  Students at this level continue to improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  All activies are built around the core subjects of English, History, Science, Math and the Arts.


    OBJECTIVES (Designed to cover listening, speaking, vocabulary, reading and writing skills through specific grammar activities):


    1.     Emphasis on higher level thinking skills

    2.     Complex reading and writing

    3.     Vocabulary

    4.     Journal writing (dialogue journal, not edited)

    5.     Essay writing (five kinds of essays; expository, descriptive, narrative,persuasive, and comparative)

    6.      Editing and peer-editing

    7.      Critical review of literature

    8.       Poetry/Poetic devices

    9.       Literary terms

    10.     More advanced grammar



Last Modified on June 14, 2013