• Biography Bottle Doll:

    You will be required to turn in the completed Bottle Doll as well as a one page written summary of the person and their life. Materials: 1 plastic bottle (2 liter soda bottle works well), 1 Styrofoam ball for the head (you are welcome to be creative and use a different material for the head), scrap fabric for clothes and sand/dirt/rocks to partially fill the bottle so it will stand up. I would suggest using panty hose to wrap around the head to make it more life-like. You will need various other craft materials to fully design the character. Decorate the “head” to make it look like the famous person and glue it (or push it down on top of the bottle) to stabilize it. Construct arms and clothing for the character. You can add additional items the person may have used during their lifetime (e.g. a microphone for a famous singer). Those looking for extra points might figure out a way to include setting (6th Period must have setting as part of the assignment).

    The rubric I will use to grade the dolls will be:

    Creativity – did you put in the effort to make it great?


    Proficiency – did you take the time to make your doll look like the person?

    Details – how many specific details did you include?