• Teacher Assistant Application Process


    Our Teacher Assistants are a vital part of our organization.  They are compassionate people who are eager to be supportive of our instructional staff and make a huge difference in the character of each classroom.

    Teacher Assistant positions include: Classroom, ESL, ISS, EC, Media,  Local Clerical, Tutors, Interpreters


    Graduation from high school plus 48 semester hours of college credit; preferably with one or two years experience working with children as a volunteer, parent or child care environment.

     Items to Gather Before Applying                 TAs

    • Employment history (dates, contact info.) 
    • Transcripts
    • Resume, cover letter and other supporting documents
    • Professional References


    Step 1:  Search for Available Positions

    • Search available WS/FCS Teacher Assistant Opportunities for assistant positions
    • Search by School or Keyword
    • Review the list of job assistant opportunities
    • If you wish to be considered for one of our opportunities, move to Step 2 if you are internal to WS/FCS (a current employee or an active substitute).  Move to Step 3 and contact Carolina Placement, Inc. (CPI) if you are external to our organization.
     Step 2: Application Process for Internal Applicants (Current Employees)
    • Sign up or Log in to Teacher Match and apply for the desired assistant position.  


    Step 3: Apply with CPI if you currently do not work for WS/FCS
    • WS/FCS has partnered with Carolina Placement, Inc. (CPI), a staffing agency, to fill our assistant positions.
    • To be considered for an assistant position, whether it is clerical, classroom, ISS, ESL, one-on-one, or another, please contact CPI.
    • Follow their instructions and contact them directly with questions.

    Contact CPI