• Expectations in P.E. Class

    Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools has adopted the SPARK(Sports, play, and Active recreation for Kids) curriculum for Physical Education. Spark PE Stars are expected to do the following: 
    Support others and Be a Good Sport 
    Participate- Give 100% 
    Always think Safety 
    Remember to Listen and Follow Directions 
    Kindness Given will be Kindness Returned 

    If Spark expectations are not met,students will
    1. Receive a verbal warning and teacher will model correct behavior
    2. Take a "time out" of PE class and teacher will fill out PBIS descipline form.
    3. Sit out of PE class(Parents will be contacted) and teacher will fill out the PBIS D1 form with office referral
    *Constant disruptions or more serious violations such as fighting, hitting, or bullying will result in an automatic office referral and an immediate parent contact.

    PE is a class, like social studies or math.

    PE is not free play or recess. 
    PE is not athletic competition.
    PE is organized instruction to help improve the fitness and skills of everyone. Most of all, it is active and fun! 

    *Please wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes on your PE day. (Check Calender on Web Page)
    *Please bring a note from home if you are unable to participate for any reason.