• USBands North Carolina Regional
    Saturday October 22nd, 2016 
    Robert B. Glenn High School
    1600 Union Cross Road 
    Kernersville NC, 27284
    What's different about this competition? 
    Adjudication will be done through the show's sponsor USBands. This includes following their guidelines and procedures for adjudication, Class sizes, and awards. You can read these guidelines here. http://yea.org/docman/usbands/fall-1/86-fall-participant-guide-2015
    Main differences from a typical show...
    Judges are flown in from around the country. 
     Last Year's Judges!!!
    James Brandt (TN) - Music Individual
    Ray Ransom (TN) - Music Ensemble
    Bobby Jones (PA) - Visual Performance
    Judy Ulchinsky (NJ) - Overall Effect
    Philip Traini (CT) - Color Guard
    Travis Peterman (PA) - Percussion  
    Judges critique will take place during awards ceremony. That's right no more standing around for an hour on a freezing cold football field for you! A few minutes after your performance the judges comments will be uploaded into a drop box folder which you can access from your lap top or phone. During the awards ceremony, until you're ready to go home the judges will be available to talk with you and your staff about the performance. Judges judge your band a lot differently when they know they're going to look you in the eye at the end of the night. In my opinion, this is the most beneficial feature that a USBands show will offer.
    Consistent scoring. You'll be able to consistently compare your band's score with bands across the nation. A score of 80 means the same thing in North Carolina as it does in Pennsylvania. If you have the opportunity to do another USBands show in the same year you'll be able to measure your growth by your score between performances. Be aware that in the USBands format scores overall scores are announced and there are no ratings.
    Class Sizes.
    Group Size is determined by number of TOTAL performing members -- winds, percussion, guard, drum majors (excluding honor guard, if applicable, and un-uniformed prop holders).
    Group I: 1-40 members
    Group II: 41-55
    Group III: 56-75
    Group IV: 76-100
    Group V: 101-135
    Group VI: 136+
    We have two competitive classes, further dividing bands -- A Class and Open Class (we do offer a non-competitive Festival Class).
    Of course there are many parts of the show that are the same as always, great hospitality, a wonderful facility, friendly band guides, concessions. There are also more differences so please take the time to check out the sheets for a USBands show here http://yea.org/docman/usbands/fall-1/86-fall-participant-guide-2015 I have worked with USBands, formerly USSBA for over 10 years and I have had a wonderful experience. I had scores I could use and comments that were helpful. I am a better band director and I have a better band because I've worked with USBands and I am confident you will feel the same way. Give it a try!
    Awards presented at USBands North Carolina Regional 
     -Placement trophies for all participating bands
    - Best Music

    - Best Overall Effect

    - Best Visual

    - Best Color Guard 

    - Best Percussion 

    USBands North Carolina Regional
    Saturday October 22nd, 2016 
    Robert B. Glenn High School
    1600 Union Cross Road 
    Kernersville NC, 27284
    You do not need to be a member of USBands to register for this show. 
    After you register via the USBANDS website, or by filling out the form below, you will be contacted by USBANDS for additional information.
    Registration fee is $100 for smaller bands Group 1,2,3
    $150 for larger bands Group 4,5,6 
    Thanks for your consideration, if you have any questions send me an e-mail at jmiller@wsfcs.k12.nc.us