• Table of Contents:
    1. Map
    2. Mayan Civilization Notes
    Inside: Mayan Poster

    Migration to America (powerpoint)

    Geography Passage (click here)

    Geography Maps Worksheet (click here)

    Sample Maps (#1) (#2)

    Maya Social Structure (
    powerpoint) back page; front page (powerpoint): use this to fill in your (notes).
    You are to create a poster about the Maya civilization. Your poster should follow the following format:

    *Fill up the entire space on the inside of your Unit 8 folders.

    *Include a title (Maya, Maya Civilization, The Maya People, etc.)

    *Include one major illustration.

    *Include 4 interesting facts learned. (These should be written in complete, detailed sentences.)
    Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

    Inca Reading (click here)
    Inca PPT Pictures (click here)

    Make a pennant to honor and pay tribute to the Inca Empire on the back of your folder (top half only).   


    1. Draw the pennant shape onto your page. Make it big!

    2. Write title on the pennant (Inca, Inca Empire, Inca People, etc.)

    3. Write at least 5 words that describe the Inca on the pennant.

    4. Include at least one appropriate illustration on the pennant.

    5. For 3 of the 5 words chosen, write a sentence to explain why that word is an appropriate word choice to describe the Inca.