• Honors/StandardAnatomy and Physiology

    Mrs. Cobb room 211



    Email: Tdcobb@wsfcs.k12.nc.us



    Website: http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us//Domain/1421



    Twitter: RJRAnatomy




    What are we going to do in class?



    We will be touring the human body by going through each body system. We will start our journey by learning important anatomical planes, directions, and terminology. If you can get a good understanding of the vocabulary it will help you through the rest of the body systems in which we will learn through projects, activities, and lecture. The anatomical structure and physiology will be studied as students make homeostatic links throughout the body. In addition to anatomy we will discuss health care professions, disease, and medical hot topics.




    What should I bring to class?



    Writing utensils



    Colored pencils



    Loose-leaf paper



    3-ring binder



    Composition notebook (not spiral)



    *1 package of 3X5 index cards*



    1 box of Kleenex or 1 roll of paper towels




    What does Mrs. Cobb expect from me?



    First and foremost I expect you to be responsible for your own success. This means how you do in this course lies in your own hands. You must work hard not only in class but also at home. When I lecture it is to supplement the material NOT replace it. During lecture I would appreciate and will expect your quiet attention. In this class we will be using the scientific learning method, in which you will pose questions, form hypothesis, create experiments, and make conclusions using your critical thinking skills.




    What if I’m having a hard time understanding the material?



    See me as soon as possible. Often times, it’s not the content, but how you study for the content that you are struggling with. Tutoring is available by appointment.



    Form a study group: Two heads ore better than one, and three are even better! Compare notes. The packets provide an outline of my lectures. However, it is the explanations and information “between the lines" that is also important. You'll find that each of you has information other has missed. If you don't understand a point, one of your study partners might. Teach and quiz each other! If you can explain the material to someone else, you have mastered it.



    Don’t cram: You need to start studying for the exam several days m advance. Cramming rarely works. If you stay up all night, you will be too tired, and it will be difficult to remember the material. Just reading the lecture notes doesn't help you understand you must practice it. Quiz yourself. For example, if you're studying the cell, make a list of the organelles and indicate their functions.



    Use study materials that are provided for you



    Quizlet.com Search: “Mrs. Cobb” I have created flashcards for every chapter to correspond with the Marieb textbook, this website also creates practice tests for you.



    Anatomyarcade.com this website has interactive games, highly recommended for the skeletal and muscular systems.



    Getbodysmart.com this website has diagrams that you can label to help with memorization of the body’s organs




    Do's and Don'ts This is an upper level course and I expect that you treat it as such. We have a lot of content to cover in a short amount of time and there is no time for disruptions.



    *Follow all rules in the RJR student handbook.



    *Be in your seat and working on your writing prompt at the bell



    *Be prepared mentally and with class supplies



    *Be respectful to Ms. Cobb and fellow classmates



    *Keep desk clear of bags and purses, your desk is workspace only



    *Stay awake with your head up at all times!



    *Electronic devices may be used only when instructed by me to do so



    *No food, water with a secure screw top is allowed



    *Clean up after yourself, classroom should look just as or better than you found it!




    What happens if I do not follow rules?



    You are a young adult, so if you misbehave accept your punishment with maturity. For minor infractions (language, sleeping, disrespect, attitude) you will serve a 20-minute detention with me before or after school and I will contact your parent or guardian. The detention must be completed within 2 days of the infraction. For a major infraction (fighting. harassment, cheating) I will write you a D-1 and you will be dealt with by administration.



    Cell phones/Electronics are not to be used during class unless I give you permission to do so for instructional purposes. If I see you using your phone without permission I will ask you to give it to me and I will keep it until the end of the period. If it becomes a common occurrence I will write you a D-l and give your phone to office personnel. Once the phone is in their hands your phone will have to be picked up by a parent at the end of the school day.




    What happens if I’m late or Absent?



    If you are not in class when the bell rings you will be marked tardy, please get to your seat and join the class with no disruptions. Attendance in Anatomy is crucial because we do activities that cannot be made up, so do your best to be here. Please be aware of the RJR attendance policy; 6 or more absences will result in an attendence waiver submission and that may result in an administrative “F”. You are responsible for obtaining missed work, the missing work binder will let you know what you missed. Make sure you get any notes you missed from a classmate and that you turn in missing assignments within 2 days of your absence. You must schedule a time with me to make up quizzes/tests before or after school within 2 days of your absence. Failure to make up work will result in a zero for the assignment or assessment.







    You are expected to read Flinn Scientific's Student Safety Contract and follow the necessary guidelines. Because we handle specimens for dissection that contain hazardous preservatives I do not allow food to be eaten in my classroom so please keep it in your bag or do not bring it at all.



    We will follow the safety plan as outlined in the handbook. I will tell you our designated meeting areas for drills, during the drill please listen and check in with me when we get to our meeting area so I know that you are in fact safe.







    Turn all homework, papers, projects, on time and completed. Anything turned in after it has been discussed and graded cannot be justifiably granted points.



    Moodle will be used regularly to turn in the following assignments and complete online quizzes.



    -Monthly Disease Diary- You will upload a disease report which highlights a disease from a system that we go over in class. This will be due on the 25th of each month. Report must include an image of disease, and a 300 word minimum summary including definition of the disease, symptoms, treatments, and current research. Site your sources! Please sign up for disease prior to the 20th of each month.



    - Monthly Current Event- You will upload a current events article and summary, due on the 12th of each month to the Anatomy Moodle site. You will need to Copy and paste the article with link into a word document and below it write a 200 word minimum summary. Article must be from the last ten years to be considered current.







    You will be required to keep a binder for this course. In this binder you should keep; this syllabus, class calanders, your handouts, notes, and assessments organized. Keep in mind the final for this class in cumulative so you will need these materials to study at the end of the course. You will also be required to keep a composition notebook that will be kept in the classroom for your daily writing prompts. Both the notebook and binder will be checked at the end of each quarter for a grade.







    Standard Students



    Assessments (quiz/test) 40%



    Activities/Labs, Class work 40%



    Notebook/Binder 20%




    Honors Students



    Assessments (quiz/test) 50%



    Activities/Labs, Class work 40%



    Notebook/Binder 10%




    Senior Exemptions- Seniors may be exempt from the Review Sessions and Final Exam if they adhere to the following



    A- 4 Absences            B- 2 Absences C- 0 Absences



    Grade and Absences are determined cumulatively










    Honors students~ you are required to complete 50 project points by the end of the year, this is the work that you do to earn your honors credit.




    1. Create a poster: Choose one of the body systems and create an informative poster that displays the structures and the functions of that system. This poster must be done on a poster board and must be neat and legible. (2O)




    2. Make a model: Choose a structure found in the body and create a model out of the material of your choice. Please label all parts of the structure. (30)




    3. Create an anatomy Class T-shirt. (If I get a great T-shirt we can make them for the class) (25)




    4. Create a poem/rhyme/song/rap about anatomy and perform for the class you may do this in pairs. (20)



    5. Do an interview: Pick a medical profession that you are interested in and interview someone who works in that profession. (This may NOT be an immediate family member) documentation required (30) See me for a list of questions.




    6. Shadow a medical professional: Pick a medical profession that you are mterested in and shadow for 1 hour someone who works in that profession. Do a 2 page double spaced write-up describing your shadowing experience and your interest in the profession. (This may NOT be an immediate family member) documentation required (30)




    7. Find 3 recent (2010-current) medical articles (online, magazine, newspaper) and do a brief 1-page double spaced summary of each. Please turn in all 3 of the articles and the write-ups together. (30)




    8. Make a vide A maximum of 5 students must get together and create a medical video. You can create a spoof of one of your favorite medical shows or do mock interviews or skits of medical professions. You must do some research before you do your video, what disease or ailment will the patient be suffering from? How will you and your colleagues treat him/her? You must use appropriate medical terminology, costumes, and props minimum of 15 minutes. (50)




    9. Read one of the following books and do a brief 2 page write-up or presentation to the class about the book creating your own case on the issue. I have some personal copies of these books and I also ordered some for the media center. If you cannot find a copy I suggest looking at Edward McKay or half.com and I will purchase the book from you when your finished with it J



    Stem Cell Now by Christopher Thomas Scott



    After Dolly: The Promise and Perils of Cloning by Roger Highfield and lan Wilmut



    Stiff'- The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach



    Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure by Paul A. Offit



    The Dependent Gene: The Fallacy of "Nature vs. Nurture" by David Scott Moore



    Babies by Design: The Ethics of Genetic Choice by Ronald M. Green



    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot



    Or a book of your choosing, this book must be approved by me (50)




    10. Participate in a fundraiser/walk i.e. Hospice for Hope, AIDS, Breast Cancer Awareness, Gfellar run, Heart and Stroke walk @ Tanglewood, JDRF. Documentation required (picture or copy of registration information) I will post information about dates for these events on my Twitter (50)