• 2016-2017                 Vanita Fleming   R. J. Reynolds HS  English II
    Please make sure you have/or  are completing the summer reading assignment--you should receive a letter sometime soon. It is due when you return to school.  Also, please check this out---->
    Schedule        R.J. Reynolds 1st Semester/ 2nd Semester
    1st Period-  English II
    2nd Period- English II
    3rd Period- English II  
    4th Period- Planning
    Planning Calendar- Check the calendar for assignments. You are also responsible for writing the dates in your agenda/notebook when they are given to you in class. 
    Tutoring-T, Th and F-8:15-8:45am. Please notify me in advance as I may be called for a meeting or a conference.
    Grade Recovery Plan... Students must speak with me about making up the work within a week of missing it. After that they will not be able to make it up. All make up work can be completed before 8am with an appointment or after school, until 4pm.  Students can earn additional points by extra participation in class and doing their very best. Keeping me aware of what is going on and their struggles so I can assist them is also an expectation. 
    Progress Reports- Parents you can check the calendar to see when they have been given to your student. Progress Reports will be given every 3 weeks. .
    10th Grade Text Book-Prentice Hall Literature -World Masterpieces, Penguin Edition. (Blue)  We will also use  supplementary novels and texts. 
    World Literature- World Literature will be the focus of study in the 10th grade. Special emphasis will be placed on literary elements, style and analyzing. Topics for essays, discussions, and seminars will be taken from the texts and from other sources such as speeches, articles, film clips, etc. Vocabulary study will encourage a broader use in writing and speaking while writing will include the study of effective sentence structure, mechanics and usage. A strong emphasis will be on Constructed Responses. Students are expected to take notes and annotate articles on a regular basis. We will also integrate the Arts in our course of study.
     Outside Reading -Students are required to have a book of choice with them at all times. This will be  assigned the first day of school. They may use the school library or home to find this book.
    Please make all appointments via: Main Office- (336) 703-4145      
    Student Services- (336)-703-4146  Fax-(336)727-2053
    Email-Parents, I will respond to you via email. Please allow me time to respond.
    Students, please use the school approved email address if you want me to respond to you via email. 
    Phone Calls-Please make sure the school has a current phone number to reach you. I will return your call during my planning period.
    Course Outline (It is just an outline) Please do not read or work ahead as all assignments will not be completed in or out of class. (coming in August-it is live and in your student has a copy)
    EOC Study Guide-Please have it with you at ALL times (in class).  
    Grade Scale- English II Course Weights- (Department Standard)
                                                                                                                                                    90-100 = 4.0                                          
    Test/Projects=30%                                                                                                                  80-89 = 3.0                                              
    Writing=25%                                                                                                                          70-79 = 2.0                                              
    Quizzes=20%                                                                                                                          60-69 = 1.0                                              
    Homework/Classwork=25%                                                                                                     < 59 = 0.0 
    A few brief rules/expectations:  -No cell phones or other electronic devices will be used in the classroom.  They should not be out/seen while in the room!
    -No food or drink allowed in the room. We have Chromebooks and we will use them!
    Parents-please do not bring food to the room for your son/daughter. It will need to be taken to the office. 
    -Be Prepared and ready to start class when you walk in the room. 
    -Be on time and on task.
    -Be respectful of yourself, your classmates and your teacher.
    -Do not remove ANYTHING from 107 without permission from Mrs. Fleming.  (This includes the tennis balls on the legs of the desks)
    -Refer to your Rules and Procedures sheet for all things Mrs. Fleming, English II and room 107!