• Why Teach at Atkins?
    It is the time of year when some teachers may be thinking about a change of pace for the new school year or new college graduates from teacher education programs may be looking for their first job.  You should think about teaching at Atkins, a high-performing school.  See how Atkins compares to other schools in Forsyth County in academic performancegrowthgraduation rate, and report card grade.  The staff members at Atkins High School truly believe that Atkins is a great place to work.  Please read their comments below:  

    Math Department:  “The learning environment at Atkins is conducive for both learning and teaching.”

    World Language Department:  “If you have the passion to teach remarkable students and want the freedom and support to try new and creative approaches to teaching, this is the place 4 U.”

    Engineering Department:  “We enjoy working with current technology-Arduinos and Vex Systems.  We truly enjoy the level of respect in this building.  We love working with kids who want to be engaged with what we have.”

    English Department:  “Administrators at Atkins address the needs to students, parents, and teachers immediately; we also feel supported.”

    Science Department:  “The freedom to break from the chains of tradition and be innovative.  Students appreciate real world implementation of science in the classroom.  Colleagues truly collaborate and support one another.”

    Biotechnology Department:  “We teach students to be scientist rather than teach science.”

    Student Services:  “At Atkins, we help students reach their potential by providing support personally, socially, and academically.”

    Scientific Visualization Department:  “Working at Atkins is working at a place where the wheels of the future are moving and having the technology, support, and resources to keep those wheels moving.”

    Social Studies Department:  “Atkins’ students are the best!  They are the most respectful, energetic, and diverse young people in Forsyth County. Atkins has a quality administration that lets you do your job and co-workers that work diligently and have fun.” 

    If you are hard-working, dedicated to students, innovative, and have the desire to work in a school where it's cool to be smart, then we hope you will contact us at Atkins.  To inquire about potential vacancies, please email the principal, Joe Childers.