See page 31 & 32 of the 2021-22 Student/Parent Handbook  

    There is no substitute for the personal instruction that a teacher provides a student..  As a result, it is important that our students value the time that they have in school.  We want our students in class, knowing that their academic achievement, or lack thereof, is directly related to their presence in school.  The School Improvement Team of Reynolds High School recognizes the importance of students attending school on a regular basis and, as such, developed the following attendance policy:

    1. Documentation for an absence must be brought to the attendance desk when returning to Reynolds.  If not, they will be coded as unlawful (unexcused).  Notes should include the student’s full name, dates of absences, student number, reasons for absences, parent or guardian’s name and signature with contact information.  This note should be brought to the attendance desk before school.  Notes for students to check out during the school day should also be brought to the attendance desk before school begins on the day the student needs to check out early.
    2. Lawful (excused) absences consist of:
    1. Illness or injury
    2. Quarantine
    3. Death in immediate family
    4. Medical or Dental appointment
    5. Court or administrative proceedings
    6. Religious observances
    7. Educational opportunity

    To qualify for religious observances or educational opportunity, the student and parent must request approval from the principal at least 3 school days prior to the absence.

    1. Six or more unexcused absences for a class per quarter are considered excessive.  Once a student reaches six absences the student will be assigned Evening Academy or Saturday Academy as an intervention.  Students with excessive absences can be denied credit for the course.  
    2. According to School Board Policy (AR 5110) 

     “If a student in grades 10, 11 or 12 accumulates ten (10) absences in a school year, excused or unexcused, the student’s parking privileges shall be revoked for the remainder of the school year unless:

    1. the student agrees to participate in an “Attendance Improvement Plan” approved by the Principal or a designee; or
    2.  the Principal finds that there was an extraordinary cause or excuse for the student’s excessive absences, such as a long term illness, injury or disability.

    If a student’s parking privileges are revoked at a school, the revocation also applies to the Career Center and vice versa.”  Please note that parking fees are nonrefundable.

    1. If a student accumulates 4 or more tardies per quarter, they will be subject to administrative referral.  
    2. According to Board policy, “An accumulation of five (5) unexcused tardiesshall be equal to one unexcused absence for the purpose of enforcing the compulsory attendance law and the provision of this regulation for addressing a student’s excessive absences.”     
    3. A student has one day for every day that they were absent to complete and turn in their make-up work. For example, a student is absent on Monday, returns to school Tuesday and their make-up work should be turned in on Wednesday.  If a student does not return the completed assignment within the given period of time, the teacher is not required to accept the assignment and may result in a zero.


Last Modified on August 28, 2021