Custodial Workers Application Process

  • Custodial Workers keep our schools in immaculate shape!  They are the 'behind the scenes' workers and a vital part of our organization.
    Custodial Workers include: Lead Custodian, Day Porters, Substitute Custodian

    Items to Gather Before Applying                

    • Employment history (complete dates MM/YYYY, contact info)
    • Resume, cover letter and other supporting documents
    • Personal and Professional References

    Application Process for Custodial Positions

    • Please complete a classified application. Applications are available at the Administrative Center (475 Corporate Square Dr., Winston-Salem - map), or can be downloaded and printed here -- Classified Employment Application.
    • Applications are kept in an active status for a period of 3 months.
    • Return your fully completed application to the Receptionist at the Administrative Center or mail to the following address:
            WS/FCS HR, P.O. Box 2513, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2513
    • For a posted position, applications must be received by the designated deadline.
    • You will hear from the Housekeeping Supervisor in the event that you are selected for an interview.
  •  Contact:
    Human Resources Specialist:
       Bernadette Upson
       Phone: 336.727.2054 #2
       Fax: 336.661.6536
Custodial Work
  • 1. How long does my application stay on file?

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      90 days. Please follow-up with the current Contact person.

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  • 2. How can I become a full-time Custodian?

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    All custodians start off as substitute custodians.  They work their way up to full-time as positions become available.

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  • 3. What is the difference in a Lead and a Day Porter?

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    The Lead provides technical direction, schedules work projects, oversees work of the crew, performs custodial work in assigned areas, orders supplies and locks up and secures the building.

    The Day Porter opens the building, is the sole custodial presence for the majority of the day, receives supplies, provides support, performs custodial work in assigned area and monitors the grounds.

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  • 4. What are the requirements for a Lead? Day Porter?

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    A Lead position requires 3 years of full-time professional custodial experience where a Day Porter requires 1 year of full-time custodial experience.

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  • 5. How do I apply?

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    All interested candidates should watch our postings for an open position and should either apply on-line through TeacherMatch or complete a classified application. Applications need to be received by the deadline listed.

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  • 6. What hours would I work?

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    The Custodial Staff reports as early as 6 am for the early shift and works as late as 11 pm depending on the school and schedule.

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  • 7. What experience is required?

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    Upon hire, there is an initial training then on-the-job training. Each year there is annual training to include but not limited to, Blood Borne Pathogens, cleaning techniques, chemical use, etc. 

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