• India
    Real Estate Ad Directions: Indus River Valley

    You have been hired by a real estate agency to create an advertisement encouraging people to move to the Indus River Valley. This should be a one-page ad that could appear in a newspaper or magazine from that time period.


    Your ad should include:


    1. Title (so people know where!) -can use the region (Indus River Valley), Harrapa, or      Mohenjo-Daro


    2. Catchy Phrase


    3. 3 reasons why people should move there -can include geography, advancements, etc.


    4. Illustration -can include one large illustration or several small ones that go along with reasons stated.


    5. A made up quote from someone living in the Indus River Valley (a testimonial)


    6. Color throughout


    REMEMBER: You are trying to get people to move there!

    Aryan Sensory Figures: HW 4/13 Students will draw an Aryan Sensory Figure on the back of their point of view paragraphs. They need to visualize what they think the figure looks like. Next, they need to write complete sentences for the following senses: touch, think, see, feel, and travel.
     Hindu Religion Poster

    -Name of Main God

    - Goal of the religion

    -Pictures of major beliefs with: Reincarnation, Dharma and Karma).

    Caste System Diamante Poem

    (Include two pictures or symbols, one on each side of your poem)
    Your assignment is to create a diamante poem comparing and contrasting 2 groups of the caste system.
    Your poem should follow this format.
    Line 1: Topic 1: Caste assigned

    Line 2: Two words describing Topic 1

    Line 3: Three action words (-ing verbs) about Topic 1

    Line 4: A four or five word phrase describing Both Topics

    Line 5: Three action words (-ing verbs) about Topic 2

    Line 6: Two words describing Topic 2

    Line 7: Topic 2: Caste of choice