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    North Carolina Mock Trial Program
    North Carolina High School Mock Trial:  North Carolina Advocates for Justice High School Mock Trial Program From the Carolina Center for Civic Education. Competitions, case materials, resources and more.

     Cornell LII


    North Carolina Legal Materials:  Legal Information Institute (LII) from Cornell University Law School. 
    Legal/Law Information Sources:  From refdesk.com contains links to over 90 legal/law related websites. 
    George Mason University law
    Free Legal Research Sites:  From George Mason University, legal information, search engines, federal and case law, Supreme Court briefs, oral arguments and case records, state and international law, legal dictionaries, news and blogs, research guides and more. 

    law library of congress

    Guide to Law Online:  From The Law Library of the Library of Congress. Links to international and multinational law, U.S. federal and state and territorial law and more.
    best law
    2021 Best Law Schools:  From US News and Education. Overall rankings and by law specialty, school information and links, applying to law school and LSAT advice and more. Caution:  Advertising
    american bar association
    Pre-Law:  From the American Bar Association (ABA), Preparing for Law School – classes and skills that help.
    Above the Law
    Above the Law:  Law news and commentary concerning big and small firms, law schools, in-house counsel, legal technology, government and more.

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    In-Depth Breakdown of Law School Costs in the United States

    By Valerie Keene March 10, 2021

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