Grading Scale:
                                                                                                               A    90-100  
                                                                                                               B    80-89
                                                                                                               C    70-79
                                                                                                               D    60-69
                                                                                                               F     Below 60 
    Students earn their grades by the quality of work and effort they make in class. Teachers do not give grades. They assign the grade that the student earns. While not every assignment is graded, every assignment should be tackled with the same amount of grit and determination that indicates a level of commitment to the learning process. Some assignments are diagnostic in that they help the teacher diagnose how well students are understanding a particular skill or concept. Teachers can modify their instruction by giving diagnostic assessments used as indicators.   
    If every student in class is making an A, the teacher probably needs to look at the rigor of her instruction and make adjustments to ensure that the work assigned is challenging the class. Conversely, if everyone is failing, then the teacher needs to work on her instruction to help students gain insight and understanding.
    We use letters grades on report cards every nine weeks as indicators to parents in how well their child is progressing during the school year. please check the PARENT PORTAL and login to see an update of your child's current grades.