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    RJR Legacy Campaign 2021-2022

    Thanks to the loyalty of past donors and a growing number of new contributors, the Legacy Campaign continues to raise an average of $100,000 each year in direct support of our students and faculty in pursuit of excellence. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference as we take great pride in the participation of everyone in our school community.

    What is the Legacy Campaign?
    An all-inclusive annual fundraiser that supports academics, arts and athletics. The campaign gives parents, faculty, alumni, community partners and students the opportunity to provide financial support critical to the continued success of programs at Reynolds. 
    What does the Legacy Campaign support?
    Thirty percent of the funds go directly to the Booster Club to help fund the athletic needs of the school. The remaining funds are given as a gift to the school to address academics and arts requests from faculty and staff.  Technology continues to be a top priority at Reynolds, whether it be updating or purchasing new computers or charging carts. Thoughtful input and recommendations are provided by our School Improvement Team (SIT).

    How can I make a contribution?  There are 2 options

    1.  Pay with a check and return with the pledge card form -> Click for pledge form

           Check made payable to: RJ Reynolds High School PTSA/Legacy Campaign and note in the memo field: 2021-22 Legacy Campaign.          

                   Mail to: RJR Legacy Fund
                              301 N. Hawthorne Road
                              Winston-Salem, NC  27104

    2.  Go online to GoFan   This option/link has been disabled.  9/10/2021

                We have gone mobile!  Make your donation online and then get your performing arts and sports passes sent to your cell phone.

            To donate online -> 

             For more information/instructions about GoFan  

              For Help: Go to      Below the button: "Buy Tickets on GoFan"  Click on "Email Us" 

    3.  Pay via PayPal by clicking on the "Donate" button and mail in completed pledge card form (Click for pledge form) to the address noted above in the check option section.

                  Note for PayPal: When entering Winston Salem do NOT use the dash/hyphen.  


                           Please consider adding a few extra dollars to your donation to offset administrative fees from PayPal. PayPal is being used by the RJ Reynolds High School PTSA for its Legacy Campaign. The WS/FC School System does not promote or endorse the use of PayPal.

       Note: If you donated by check or PayPal and gave at a level that includes Sports Passes and/or Event Passes, please email RJRLegacy@gmail.com to receive a promocode that can be used on the GoFan website to get your passes sent to your mobile device.  Donating by using option 2/GoFan as opposed to check or Paypal is a MUCH quicker way to get Sports Passes and/or Event Passes than waiting for a promocode.  
    All donations are tax-deductible as law permits.

    Please help us achieve our $100,000 fundraising goal for 2021-2022.  Every dollar raised touches the heart, mind, body and soul of each student at RJ Reynolds High School in some way.

    Examples of how the 2020-21 Legacy Campaign donations were spent:
    • Upcoming Freshman Orientation
    • Classroom library books for English Department
    • Professional Development for teachers to attend Magnet School of America Conference
    • Chromebooks and Chromebook carts
    • Calculators for math classrooms
    • Books to support teacher professional development collection
    • New computers for the Art Department
    • New software for tablets in the Art Department
    • Computer tablets for Art Department
    • Money for the A+ School Magnet Staff Development
    • Football pad covers and 2 tackle sleds
    • Basketball team bus to state playoffs
    • Soccer goals for practice fields
    • Baseball batting shell
    • Soccer uniforms
    • Sound system upgrade in gym
    • Reynolds Road practice field signage
    • Senior athlete spotlight
    • Homecoming t-shirts for all staff/teachers
    Other Areas Supported:
    • Demon Pantry
    • New picnic tables
    • Teacher/Staff appreciation meals
    • Vimeo to livesteam school events
    • Senior yard signs
    • Senior stadium cup gift
    • 2 PTSA Scholarships

    If you have any questions, please email Bridget Reynolds at RJRLegacy@gmail.com







Last Modified on September 10, 2021