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    Water Quality Virtual Lab
    Take notes on the underlined portions of the powerpoint below:
    "All about Estuaries" Reading Questions:

    1. What are estuaries?

    2. How/why do shallow estuary waters create unique habitats for living organisms?

    3. How does the salinity in water change as you move from inland areas to out towards the ocean? Be sure to include the phrase “brackish waters” in your response.

    4. List 4 ways estuaries provide protection for inland areas.

    5. How does dredging impact fish living in an estuary?

    6. How could too many nutrients impact the natural balance in an estuary?

    7. List and describe 3 ways the land/terrain changes as we move from Charlotte, NC to the coastal plains of NC.

    8. List 5 factors that can change the flow of water through an ecosystem.

    9. List and describe 4 reasons estuaries are important for both wildlife and human activity.

     Water's Worth it PowerPoint
     View these videos to get you thinking:
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     Oceans: Our Living Resource