School Administration

School Administrators Application Process

  • Administrators are responsible for the operation and instructional leadership at our schools and in our district.  They manage the day-to-day activities, set instructional objectives, and work to build a rapport with students, parents and the community.
    Administrators include: Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Supervisors

    Items to Gather Before Applying                

    • Employment history (complete dates MM/YYYY, contact info)
    • Resume, letter of interest and other supporting documents
    • Professional References

    Application Process for Department Leadership

    • E-mail, fax or mail your letter of interest, resume, and references to
    • For more information about qualifications to serve as a school or central office administrator, please visit this site.

    Aspiring Assistant Principals  

    All of our AP candidates are required to pass an Assessment before they are admitted into our district’s AP Candidate pool. The purpose of this screening instrument is to ensure fairness in our selection process for candidates to be interviewed.
    • The Assessment will be sent out three times a year; the next one is in November 2019.
    • Watch the postings for information on when to submit your resume.
  •  Contact:
    HR Staffing Supervisor:
       Vacant Position
       Phone: 336.727.2969
       Fax: 336.661.6536