• Due in class this Friday:

    To work on your Paper from home use the same password you use to get into the computers at school. Remember, after your username you must have @wsfcsstudents.net

    Introductory paragraph 

    ·                     Strong lead sentence 

    ·                     Tell the reader what topics you are about to discuss 

    ·                     Write a sentence or two about your subjective opinion of these topics 

    ·                     Include a thesis sentence (one statement that captures the MAIN IDEA of your whole paper) 

    ·                     Get the reader excited to read what you have researched (use IMAGERY ) 

     Remember, your introductory paragraph is like opening a door for the reader to walk through! 

    Body Paragraphs – your 3 Topic paragraphs (4 for 5th Period)

    Conclusion Paragraph

    * Paraphrase your thesis sentence from the introductory paragraph (in other words, restate the thesis statement in a different way)

    * Take a bow! In a few sentences tell the reader why you were successful proving the claim in your thesis statement with the evidence from your “body” paragraphs

    * Introduce one more interesting fact about China which isn’t already in your paper and write another sentence or two telling the reader your subjective opinion of this fact

    * Add a quote from one of your sources that captures your tone about China as you worked on the project.

    * Create a creative good-bye sentence. Remember, this is your final impression before I give you a grade!!!