• Titan Seal
    Coat Of Arms
    The coat of arms for West Forsyth High School was conceived in the spring of 1968. An artist listened to a group of West Forsyth student leaders who explained the unique features of the school. Following their comments and suggestions, the artist drew sketches until the committee was satisfied with his depiction of all phases of West Forsyth. The legend is as follows:

    Titan -- School Mascot
    Torch With Initials -- Symbolizes high education
    Scales With Clasped Hands -- Represent fair government and friendly atmosphere
    Quill and Gavel -- Stand for the many clubs and extra-curricular activities at West Forsyth
    Olympic Rings & Laurel Leaves -- Denote a strong athletic program
    Year/Date (1964) -- The founding date of West Forsyth High School


    Alma Mater
    Here's to our dear old West High,
    Of which we are so proud.
    With victory our motto,
    Our voices we raise loud.
    Our banner raised in Titan praise,
    Our name we shall uphold;
    So here's to dear old West High,
    And her green, her white and gold.
    Years after we have parted
    Our memories will hold;
    Those glorious days at West High,
    And her green, her white and gold.
    -- Words by Dean Hege, Class of '65  
    Fight Song
    We're gonna win this game
    there's no doubt about it,
    We're behind you
    Ready to shout it,
    Come on team
    we know you're strong
    So now victory is our song!
    -- Words by Gayle Doub, Class of '67


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