• hugs
    We kicked off our Hug An Elephant Campaign for 2015 on April 28th. Having learned so much last school year about The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, we decided that this wonderful facility for retired circus and performance elephants would be our focus. Raising funds for them will benefit each elephant there that includes our two 'adopted' elephants, Shirley, who is 67 years old, and Tarra, who is 41 years old.
    Morgan's students have really rallied around this wonderful cause. We sold over 30 t-shirts from the sanctuary which also benefits them. Poetry, elephant facts, beautiful paintings, drawings and sketches, even clay sculptures have all been brought in by our compassionate children. Take a moment to walk through the hallways and see their work. I have photographed everything to make a slide show for The Elephant Sanctuary staff. You can also find it here on my site.
    Thank you to the students, and the many parents and staff who have shown their support for this wonderful cause!
    "No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child.
    The effort of every education should be to unlock that treasure."
    - Emma Goldman, author