• Middle School Social Studies (6-8)

    Middle School Social Studies includes an introductory experience with World and American history, designed to lay a foundation for social studies courses in high school.  
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    K-12 Social Studies Essential Standards

    • 6th grade begins with a study of Early Man and investigates the Ancient and Medieval civilizations that existed around the globe.  Their studies center on how geography influenced settlement, the need for and role of government in society, the development of economic systems, how culture impacts society, and how things change over time.  
    • 7th grade studies begin with the Renaissance and Reformation era and continues to look at world history through modern times.  Students look at the impacts of conflict and disease throughout history, the various economic and government systems that developed, how competition for resources influenced world relations, and how cultures have been united and divided by world events. 
    • 8th grade students will explore American history from colonization to modern-day, with North Carolina history and events woven into the course.  Students will investigate the impacts of conflicts, the role of leadership decisions, how technology changed society, the development and role of government, the access various groups had to democratic rights and freedoms throughout American history, the actions taken by citizens to create change, personal financial literacy, and the contributions of various cultural groups in the United States and North Carolina.  
    Social Studies