New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation Information

  • Directions to Orientation

    Orientation is located at the Winston Salem Forsyth County Administrative Center located at 475 Corporate Square Drive, Winston Salem, NC  27105.  Orientation takes place on the 3rd floor in the 340 Corridor.  You will receive more information about orientation when you are officially hired into a position. 

  •  Contact:

       HR Representative
       Phone: 336.748.4079
       Fax: 336.661.6536

2017 Orientation Dates

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Welcome On Board
  • Information to Complete Before Orientation

    Before attending Orientation, please review the material below. Please download, print, and complete the forms prior to attending Orientation. These forms can also be found in your new employee checklist which is accessible from your online application by clicking on the My HR Docs tab.

    Complete sections A, C, and D. You may leave blank the box entitled "Membership ID" in section A - Print and bring with you to Orientation. This form only applies to individuals who have retired from North Carolina state employment.

    This form only applies to individuals who have worked as a state employee or for another school district within North Carolina.

    What to Bring

    • Voided check (for Payroll purposes)
    • Copy of transcripts
    • Copy of Teaching License
    • IDs - Pick one of the following:
      •    Passport
      •    Driver's License and a social security card 
      •    Driver's License and a birth certificate


    NCDPI Lateral Entry Program: Professional Development for New Teachers: First Days

    Welcome to NCDPI's Professional Development for Excellence in Teaching series. This self-contained web pages will be downloaded to your Windows or Macintosh computer and then access via the Launch page. The series consists of self-directed professional development modules, each targeting a specific area of focus for improving professional knowledge and skills. Each module is independent of the others and is housed in the self-contained web pages folder that you should have downloaded. Modules were designed to satisfy CEU requirements and include documentation forms and activities for submission to the appropriate personnel within each LEA. Suggestions for using these modules are located in the How to Use this Module section.

    The series of modules was developed as a collaboration effort between the Public Schools of North Carolina and the Center for School Leadership Development under the guidance of Dr. Karen Gerringer. The series was produced by LEARN North Carolina, the teacher outreach program at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education. Each CD may be copied at no cost and shared with North Carolina educators. To begin this module.
    To download the Lateral Entry 10-Day Orientation web pages have been compressed into a single .zip file stored on our WSFCS Google Drive. Please do the following:
    Windows computers:
    1. Click on the following link
    2. A new browser tab will open allowing you to download this file from our Google Drive.  Click on the button to download the file to your local hard drive. This button is in the uppermost right will look like a down-arrow with a line under it.

    3. On your local hard drive, locate the downloaded file and un-zip it. 
    4. When you then open the folder named "WSFCS_LE_10-Day-Orientation" you'll find an HTML document called "Launch."  Simply double-click on this file and it will open on your machine's web browser. 


     Step 1
     Step 2
    Step 3
    Step 4


    Information to be aware

    • Intranet/E-mail - Due to security, you will be unable to access your email and the WS/FCS intranet until the first day that you report on site.  Please note you are not an official employee of the district until you have attended orientation and completed your drug testing.
  • 1. How long does orientation last?

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    Orientation lasts about 3 hours.  You are required to take your drug test immediately following orientation.  Completion of both the orientation and drug test are requirements of pre-employment.

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