• Student Parking


    Students who drive to school must purchase a parking sticker AND park in the designated student parking lot assigned.  Students have until the tenth day of school to pay the $115.00 motor vehicle parking fee.  Once this fee is paid, students will be given a parking sticker which must be displayed as instructed when received from the school's financial secretary.  Students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) should read the Student Driving and Parking Permit paperwork thoroughly as the rules and conditions of parking will be enforced.  Driving privileges may be suspended and/or revoked for violations of the WSFCS policy, Atkins school rules and our school magnet requirements.


    Please download and fill out the attached WSFCS ATKINS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT DRIVING AND PARKING PERMIT form.  Everything that is needed to obtain your parking permit is explained on the document.  Your completed form and driver's information will be given to Ms. Becher, financial secretary.    


    AHS Parking permit page 1 AND AHS Parking permit page 2