•  English 1- Mercer            Course Syllabus   

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    Phone number:  336-703-6776

    I.        Grammar and Editing(40% of the course)

    1.     Parts of speech, phrases, and clauses

    2.     Sentence types and sentence structure

    3.     Sentence patterns

    4.     All punctuation marks, with an emphasis on commas, semi-colons, and apostrophes.

    5.     Capitalization

    6.     Spelling rules and strategies

    7.     Sentence combining

    8.     Dependent / Independent Clauses

    9.     ACT and SAT punctuation, grammar and usage, and sentence structure practice ( using Applied Practice resources which include novels we read set up under the format of the present SAT verbal section).

    10.                        Usage

    a.      Parallel Structure

    b.     Subject/verb agreement

    c.      Pronoun/antecedent agreement

    d.     Misplaced and dangling modifiers

    e.     Confusing words:  Examples- affect/effect, immigrant/emigrant

    II.     Reading comprehension (60% of the course)

    1.      Literary terminology and rhetorical devices (mastery of and application to all genres of literature). See Mercer’s Glossary of Literary Terms

    2.     Understanding the style of different authors

    3.     Nonfiction( articles from periodicals, essays,)

    4.     SAT and ACT practice reading passages examining the kinds of questions that occur frequently from the different genres of passages(social studies, natural science, prose fiction, and the humanities)

    III. Composition( Writing about what we read)

    1.      Narrative(memoirs, journal writing)

    2.     Persuasive( speeches)

    3.      Informational( research projects or papers involving understanding biographical and historical background information pertaining to literary works using primary and secondary sources).Examples:  Elizabethan England, Civil rights movement, Depression Era, the Dust Bowl, Jazz Age

    IV.  Vocabulary Development

    1. In the context of what we are reading

    2. Fiske Word Power (1,000 Words You Need to Know)  

    3. Tone words(see tone word attachment)

    4. Word parts from Latin and Greek( flash cards)

    *Sample novels:  School will provide class sets to be used in class so that each student will have the same edition for the purpose of class discussion, but it will be best for each student to have his or her own personal copy for the purpose of annotating.

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    Of Mice and Men

    Animal Farm

    The Great Gatsby

    Memoir of choice from list provided  by  teacher(see attachment)

    Lord of the Flies

     English 1-Mercer-syllabus

    Major Classroom Rule:  Always take this teacher’s suggestion!

    Parents and students,

    Welcome to the best high school (and best English class) in Forsyth County!  I never seize to feel an unsurpassed excitement when I watch new students and their parents enter my classroom for the first time each year.

    The English Seminar 9TH grade program has grown from one class at its inception ten years ago to three to four classes each year.  I feel honored to have been able to teach these classes here for the last ten years.   This program is designed for the gifted learner who is not stretched by the normal curriculum, the independent thinker, the avid reader who wants to think one mile deep, not one mile wide.  One might look at this course as a precursor to AP English, which is taught in 11th and 12th grades.

    Whether the latest educational pedagogy is called Common Core or something else, the goal is the same: to grow your student into a clear and accurate communicator, both orally and in the written word.  Through a variety of literary genres, vocabulary building strategies, and grammatical concepts, your student will master a reading and writing foundation that will promote academic success in college, a career, and beyond.

    Homework will be consistently assigned, between thirty minutes to an hour nightly and on some weekends, depending on whether the student has procrastinated or not.  The class will move at a quick pace, with some independent research, allowing for a variety of enrichment activities not offered in other English courses.

    I look forward to meeting you and working with each of you this year.


    Mrs. Mercer

    Materials needed:

    One inch hardbound notebook, two blue or black ink pens, one pack of paper, five dividers, one high lighter, one box of tissues, one box of post-it notes, hand held stapler, and one composition notebook for journal writing.

    Grading Policies:  Tests, projects, major writing assignments:          40%

                                          Quizzes, daily work, classwork:                      40%

                                          Homework:                                                       20%

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