We have many ways that we raise money throughout the year to fund our PTA initiatives. The most successful way to raise funds for Jefferson is to involve both extended family and friends.
    Panther Fund   Panther Fund: Panther Fund is our primary fundraiser. Our goal is $40,000 this year! Please make your gift at
    Easy      Easy Money: These are ways that you can help Jefferson just by doing your regular shopping, but getting friends & family involved could double or triple your contribution and it doesn’t cost them anything.  Last year we raised $3,208 with the various programs of Easy Money; this is a drop in the bucket of what could be raised.  The Harris Teeter “Together in Education” program is a great example: We received $837 from the program, the #1 school has 1,800 students but has 3,500 linked cards!!  They received $19,314 from Harris Teeter last year because 51% of the cards linked were from people outside the school.
    jefferson logo     Spirit Nights: These are specific days/nights that we have arranged with local businesses, to donate a percentage of their sales for that night to the school. Last year we raised $2,477. Again, involving friends and family is a great way to increase your impact. These are a great community building events and a good way to meet other school families.
     panther peek    Panther Partners: These are businesses that have given money or goods/services to our school. Supporting these business with your patronage helps us get and keep sponsors. Mention Jefferson when you go!
Last Modified on December 2, 2019