• Declamation Speech Examples 
    John F. Kennedy: Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You Transcript 
    President Barack Obama: Back to School Speech 2009 Transcript Video
    Angelina Jolie:  U.N. Security Council Speech to make rape an international crime Transcript
    Michael Bloomberg: Harvard Commencement Speech Transcript Video
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    Patrick Henry: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Transcript 
    Thabo Mbeki: I am an African Transcript 
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    Lucy Stone: Disappointment is the Lot of Women Transcript 
    C.S. Lewis: Beyond Personality--Mere Men Transcript 
    John Legend: University of Pennsylvania Commencement Speech Transcript Video
    Florence Kelley: Child Labor and Women's Suffrage Transcript 
    Martin Luther King, Jr.: I've Been to the Mountaintop Transcript Audio
    Mother Teresa: Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Transcript Video
    Ray Nagin: Commemorating MLK, Jr. Transcript 
    David McCullough: You're Not Special Wellesley Commencement Speech Transcript Video
    Malala Yousafzai: United Nations Youth Assembly addressJuly 2013 Transcript/Video
    George Clooney: U.N. Speech about Darfur Transcript 
    Helen Clark: Speech to Women's International Forum on Women's Rights Transcript 
    Seth Rogen: Testimony to Congress about Alzheimer's Transcript Video
    Oprah Winfrey: 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington Speech Transcript and Video 
    Mahatma Ghandi: Response to Quit India Movement Speech Transcript
    Princess Diana: Responding to Landmines:A Modern Tragedy and its Consequences Transcript
    Bill Cosby: Pound Cake Speech Transcript Audio
    President Ronald Reagan: Address to the Nation about the Challenger Disaster Transcript Video
    Julia Gillard: An Attack on Sexism Transcript Video
    Stephen Colbert: Wake Forest Commencement Speech 2015 Transcript Video
    Emma Watson: HeForShe Campaign Speech Transcript Video 
    Coretta Scott King: 10 Commandments on Vietnam Transcript 
    Winston Churchill: This was their finest hour (WWII) Transcript