• Tips for getting the best possible interview
    1. Never give an interviewee questions in advance. However, be sure your interviewee knows why he/she is being interviewed
    2. Be on time for your interview.
    3. Always check that your equipment is working and that you have enough battery life and space on your phone.
    4. Even though you are taping the interview, still jot down notes.  
    5. Treat the interviewee with respect. Introduce yourself.
    6. Take control of the location. It’s your interview. The cafeteria is often too loud to hear well, and very distracting. 
    7. Ask the most important question first. The more pressed the interviewee is, the less time they will have and the more likely that they will cut the interview short.
    8. Try to avoid looking at notes. If you look at your notes, the interviewee may be distracted. And it’s difficult for you to read and listen at the same time.  So make sure you know your information!
    9. Maintain eye contact at all times, and watch the source's body language.
    10. Ask the source to clarify complex or vague answers.
    11. There are only six basic questions. Who? What? Where? When? How? Why?
    12. Shorter questions are better than longer ones. Never ask more than one question at a time, and give your source plenty of time to reply.
    13. Be sure of your facts. There’s nothing worse than being told you are wrong by an interviewee – especially when it’s live.
    14. Listen and ask good follow-up questions.  You may not be able to later.
    15. At the end of the interview, no matter how difficult the interviewee has been, always say thank you!
    16. When you’re editing, don’t take answers out of context. That’s dishonest.