• Writing the conclusion
    Three things you have to do:

    1. Tell the reader the story is over.
    2. Nail the central point of the story to the reader's mind.
    3. Resonate: you want the ending to continually stick with the reader. 

    Do not editorialize or preach or summarize to the reader!  Keep your opinion out of it!
    Possible endings:
    1. Quote endings: A quote is a piece of information--the authority comes from the speaker, not the reporter.  It also makes the story feel more objective.  It is the most common type of ending.
    2. Detail ending: Use a specific detail, concrete image, fact, statistic, etc. to conclude the story by implication.  That little piece stands for the whole.
    3. Circle ending: This ending refers back to the lead without repeating it so that the news story comes full circle.