• Option #4

    • How can we improve our middle school program?
    • Where can we place programs and schools to address capacity and achievement needs in middle school?


    Total Cost


    Priority Projects

    Konnoak Elementary


    Partial replacement, increase capacity from 400 to 750, 2 pre-K classrooms

    Lowrance Middle


    Relocation @ Paisley

    John F. Kennedy High


    Renovation for CTE classrooms


    Enhance post-secondary opportunities


    Relocation of high school program

    Hanes Magnet

    HAG*, Expand STEM*


    Relocation @ Cameron Ave.

    Innovative Learning Centers


    Re-imagine media centers in all schools

    New middle school


    New, addresses capacity issues, capacity of 800

    Maintenance and capital improvements


    Replace building component systems (roofs, boilers, chillers, controls, windows, lights, fire alarms, etc.)

    High school stadium upgrade


    Mount Tabor home side

    Priority Project TOTAL



    Middle School Improvements

    Paisley IB Magnet

    Expand IB Programme, more HS classrooms


    Renovation, increase capacity from 627 to 1027

    Philo-Hill Magnet

    Possible HAG


    Renovation, increase capacity from 445 to 845

    Wiley Magnet

    Expand STEAM*


    Renovation, increase capacity from 600 to 700, replace gym

    New middle at Smith Farm

    Dual language OR Newcomer Center


    New, relieve Southeast Middle, capacity of 800

    New Walkertown Middle


    New, increase Walkertown High capacity, capacity of 800

    New Robinhood or Southwest Middle


    New; relieve Clemmons, Flat Rock, Jefferson and Meadowlark; capacity of 800

    Middle School TOTAL**


    Increase capacity from 1672 to 2572 and 2400 new

    Option #4 TOTAL



    *Definitions: HAG = highly academically gifted; STEM = science, technology, engineering, math; STEAM = science, technology, engineering, arts, math

    **Cost of one new middle school included in Priority Projects