Parking Stickers 2015-2016

  • Parking Permits 2015-16

    Parking Permits will be sold in the main office beginning Monday, August 3rd from 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday – ThursdayJuniors and Seniors are the only students allowed to purchase a parking permit.  You must have the EFHS Parking Permit form completed along with your NC Drivers License and vehicle insurance information.  If the student is on the EFHS Debt List, they MUST clear their fees before they purchase the permit.  Students are allowed to register ONE vehicle. 

    Parking Permits $115.00 

    Students are allowed to register ONE vehicle.  We will no longer issue day passes. If a student needs to drive a different car than the one registered, there is a possibility of receiving a parking ticket.  That ticket can easily be handled by bringing the copy of the ticket to the main office to clear.  For those students that choose to drive illegally, they will receive a $10 fine each time they are ticketed.  Those fines can be paid in the main office.  They will be added to the EFHS debt list until satisfied.  This program should cut down on the students that are parking illegally, and hopefully free up parking spaces for those who purchase a permit!