• Class Dojo will be used to manage student behavior in the classroom.  Class Dojo is both a website and an app that can be downloaded for free on to your smartphone or tablet.  I strongly encourage parents to download the app, as this will be the main form of communication regarding your child's behavior.
    Throughout the day, students will have the opportunity to earn points for good behavior and lose points for inappropriate behavior.  You will receive a code at the beginning of the school year that will allow you to go into Class Dojo and view your child's behavior points at your convenience.  There is also a messaging feature that allows us to communicate any questions or concerns.  Students will also receive a code, but this will only allow them to change their personal avatar.
    I will also be giving a walk though of this easy to use app during our Open House sessions.  
    *A weekly behavior printout will be provided each Friday to parents who do not have internet access.