• Theatre Arts Parent Contract


    Please complete, sign, and return. This document is a homework grade.


    Expectations for All Students in Theatre Arts

    There are some very important class policies that shall be adhered to while students are in Theatre Arts:

    1.       No student shall have their phone out for any reason. Phones may be placed in the phone caddy at the front of the room at the beginning of class, and retrieved at the end of class.

    2.       No student shall have an iPod or game console out or in use during class for any reason. No student shall have ear buds or headphones on their head or about their neck at any time.  These items must be out of sight in backpacks, book bags or in purses.

    3.       Students may not eat or drink (other than water) in the classroom.  If a student comes late to class with a school breakfast in hand, they may eat it on the landing to the classroom and deposit the trash in the hallway.

    Students will receive one verbal warning when one of these classroom policies has been violated.  The second violation will result in parent contact, and should a third violation occur a discipline referral will be made to the office.

    Late Work:  In the world of Professional Theatre, late work will get you fired. In Theatre Arts class, late work will earn you a poor grade. Assignments that are late will lose 10% credit for every day that they are late.

    Technical Theatre Requirement:  All students are required to fulfill a requirement for technical theatre.  Tech theatre hours will be counted as a test grade in the 2nd and 4th quarter for Intermediate, Proficient, and Advanced students, and will be counted at the end of each quarter for Technical Theatre Students.


    By signing below, I state that I understand the classroom policies for the Theatre Arts classroom, and I agree to adhere to them completely.

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