• R. J. Reynolds High School

    Welcome to Proficient Theatre!


    August 31th is your first in class audition! Prepare a modern comedic monologue from a play, 45 – 60 seconds long, to audition for the one act play we will be presenting at the NCTC Regional Play Festival. Everyone will be involved.  The Proficient and Advanced classes will drive to a venue on October 31, spend the night, and return on November 1. We will be doing some fundraising to help with the costs.

    Supplies: Must have Composition book (Journal) NO SPIRAL BOUND BOOKS. Loose sheets of paper will not be accepted! Always date your work.

    You will use your composition book as a journal and as an actor’s notebook. YOU MUST BRING THIS TO CLASS EVERY DAY. Journals are an important part of your grade. Be prepared!


    1.            Video permission form: Classes/scenes will be videoed, permission is VERY IMPORTANT!

    2.            NCTC permission form: This is a class project and involves a trip on Oct 31 -  Nov 1

    3.            Staunton Virginia Trip Permission April 15th – 17th 2016


    1.            The state has implemented the Assessment of Student Work, which will require that teachers submit proof that you have grown because of our teaching. This will require that we video performances, so this form is very important. Please return it as soon as possible.

    2.            Our class project this quarter is a one act play for NCTC Regional Play Festival. This form must be notarized, so do this as soon as you can. This is an entirely voluntary trip to a seriously awesome event.

    Performance is a huge part of Theatre, so there is no option to opt-out of auditions. All students MUST audition. Practice makes every audition easier. You are encouraged to participate in extra mural theatre, especially if you will be going to college for Theatre. You always have the option not to accept a role in an extra-mural production.

    Dates:                   Extra Curricular – Audition is mandatory, participation is encouraged

    Aug 26, 27           4:00p.m. Auditions for “Inherit the Wind” –a 30 second monologue from the play

    Aug 28                  4:00p.m. Call backs for “Inherit the Wind”

    Sept 1 & 2            4:00p.m. Auditions for Senior Scenes

    Sept 4                   4:00pm Call Backs for Senior Scenes

    Dec 2, 3                4:00p.m. Auditions for “Hairspray”

    Dec 8                     4:00p.m. Call Backs for Musical “Hairspray”



    October 15 – 17                7:00p.m.                                Main Stage         “Inherit the Wind”

    October 27                          7:00p.m.                              Main Stage         NCTC One Act Plays

    October 30 – Oct 31        (or 11/ 6 &7)                           All Day  NCTC  Regional Play Festival

    December 16                     7:00p.m.                              Holiday Showcase

    January 28th & 29th        7:00p.m.                              Senior Scenes

    March 10-12                       7:00p.m.                             Main Stage Musical “Hairspray”

    March 17                             7:00pm                               Not so Senior Scenes


    “Screw your courage to the sticking place, and we’ll not fail.”

    Black Box Rules - See Parent/Student Contract 

    1.            No food, gum or soda. Ever. Drink water to keep your vocal cords lubricated.

    2.            Your cell phone will NOT be required for classroom use, and neither will your ear buds. Keep your electronics in your bag, or put them in the cozy at the top of the stairs.

    3.            Sign up for tech stuff and make your word mean something. If you sign up and do not attend, call or find a replacement, the number of hours you would have earned are added to you required total.

    4.            Acting is hard work. Your homework every day is to be ready for the next day.

    5.            Reading a monologue from the text for a Performance grade will always earn you an F. It is one of the few constants in life. Improv is a skill, but using improv as a monologue is a poor choice.


    Grading Policy                 

    Performance     40%

    Participation       20%

    Written Work    20%

    Test                       20%



    Tech Hours: In Proficient Theatre, you are required to log 18 hours of Tech involvement, per semester, and Advanced Theatre is required to complete 24 hours, per semester. These hours will be counted as a TEST GRADE. There is a black plastic box, beside the office in the Black Box, where your tech card is filed. If you have not logged your hours on the last day of the semester, they will not earn the full grade. The cards stay in the Black Box.  You are required to provide the phone number of anyone outside of RJR for whom you do tech work. Your tech hours can be made up by signing up for ushering, selling concessions at Dance Competitions, attending tech build calls, or working crew for concerts.

    When you sign up, other people rely on you to be where you say you will be, just like other actors rely on you being where you should be on the stage. NOT HONORING WHAT YOU SIGN UP FOR CARRIES A PENALTY. THE NUMBER OF HOURS YOU WOULD HAVE EARNED FOR THE EVENT WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR REQUIRED TOTAL.

    PERFORMANCE REFLECTION Each student will be required to attend one full length theatrical performance each semester and reflect upon it for class credit. The grades for these 2 assignments will be counted in the 2nd and 4th quarters and should be created as follows:

    PRESENTATION – Typed using Times New Roman OR Ariel, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced. Your name and class should be in the top left corner of the first page, with your teacher’s name and date in the top right corner of the page

    OPENING – Include the name of the show, who produced it, where the production was performed and the date you attended.

    CONTENT – Use Aristotle’s Poetics (page 256 in Stage and School text book) to evaluate the production

    CONCLUSION – Was it entertaining? Was it worth seeing?