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    Technical theatre is a course designed for the student interested in the non-performance side of theatre. The class will focus both on design and construction in several areas. Units include set design, set construction and painting, lighting design, hang and focus, costume design and construction, stage makeup, and sound design. Some after school and evening work is required. As part of the class you will be able to be a part of the Technical Crew for the Fall and Spring Production. This course will allow each student to choose an area of specialization and work on a higher level

    By the end of this class its members will be able to:

    a. identify and understand basic technical terminology

    b. become an expert in one area of technical theatre

    c. become creative in the design process

    d. develop the ability to analyze a piece of literature from a technical viewpoint

    e. recognize technical theatre as an art form

    f. communicate through artistic design and design execution

    g. collaborate with others in problem-solving situations

    h. critique theatre and fine arts constructively

    i. take responsibility towards theatre and its components

    j. become a lifelong consumer of the arts



    If a student is asked to "do something" in class, the student should comply without argument. Students may not leave the work area/class room without permission. Personal safety should be taken seriously in this class. When we are in the Auditorium, always be aware of what you and your fellow students are doing at all times. Rough-housing, throwing objects, misbehaving in ANY way, and all other types of possibly harmful behavior and equipment abuse will not be tolerated. This could lead to immediate withdrawal from the class. Students who are not on task will have credit deducted from their participation grade.


    What You Will Need

    1. Work Clothes—these need to be clothes that can get dirty, ripped, painted on, etc. These clothes can be kept in a cabinet in the classroom. If you do not have appropriate clothing when we are working on a project, you will lose you daily participation points and not be allowed to participate in  the project resulting in a zero for the day.


    2. Tennis Shoes—You must have tennis shoes if you are working in the shop. These shoes can be kept in the cabinet in the classroom. If you do not have appropriate shoes when we are working on a project, you will lose your daily participation points and not be allowed to participate in the project resulting in a zero for the day.


    3. Small paint brushes and acrylic paint. (Scene Painting Project will be assigned during class)


    PERFORMANCE REFLECTION:  Each student will be required to attend one theatrical performance and reflect on it for class credit. The grades for these two assignments will be counted as a test grade in the 2nd and 4th quarters and should be created as follows:


    PRESENTATION – Typed using Times New Roman OR Ariel, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spaced.  Your name and class should be in the top left corner of the first page, with your teacher’s name and date in the top right corner of the page.

    OPENING – Include the name of the show, who produced it, where the production was performed, and the date you attended

    CONTENT – Use Aristotle’s Poetics (page 256 in the Stage and School text book) to evaluate the production

    CONCLUSION – Was it worth seeing? Was it entertaining? Why? Why not?


    Technical Crew Requirement: Each student enrolled in the Technical Theatre class must complete a minimum of 24 hours of technical theatre work outside of class each quarter. Available assignments will be posted at a later date in the black box.


    Tests /Final Exam: Tests will be announced a full week before they will be given.



    Late work will not be accepted.  See an instructor if you need further explanation.



    There are many ways that extra credit can be earned in this class.

    1. Every Monday or Tuesday at the beginning of the hour, every student will have the opportunity to gain five points extra credit. Bring in an article that in some way deals with or affects theatre and present it to the class. To get the full five points, you must:

    1. Summarize the article.

    2. Tell what publication your article came from.

    3. Tell what the publication date is.

    4. Give the article to the instructor after the presentation.

















    Technical Theatre

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