Happy Cells
  • Dear Students,

         Do you know what this is in the picture above? I will give you a couple hints: it is something you see every day, and there is alot of it at Whitaker. Take a guess! If you haven't figured it out, we will find out in our science class. Whatever it is, it looks as happy as I am to have you back at school and in my class!

         When my daughter was filling out one of her college applications, she was asked to share her "Top Ten." It could be a top ten list of anything she chose. Here is a top ten list I made.

    My Top Ten Things I Did Over The Summer

    10. Picnic dinners at the pool.

    9. Starting a new workout - Metabolic Effect. (Whoo!)

    8. Watching Anson (my son) play alot of sports.

    7. Bike rides.

    6. Pintrest: ideas for our classroom!

    5. Sleeping late.

    4. Hanging out with good friends.

    3. Lots of good (fifth grade) books.

    2. Going to the beach with my family.

    1. Anticipating being with you!

    Look forward to seeing each of you soon,

    Mrs. Walldorf