Staggered Start for Kindergarten

  • Whitaker Elementary 2019 - 2020

    Staggered Start Details


    Kindergarten is an exciting time for both you and your child! We want to make this transition as smooth as possible. To assist your child with the transition to kindergarten, Whitaker offers a “staggered start” for kindergarten.  Approximately half of the class will attend Monday, August 26th and the other half attends Tuesday, August 27th. After the first two staggered start days, all kindergarten students will attend as a whole class on Wednesday, August 28th.

    Girls will attend on Monday, August 26th.

    Boys will attend on Tuesday, August 27th.

    On your child’s staggered start day:

    • They will attend normal school hours 7:55am-2:25pm.
    • We will introduce daily routines and procedures, and help your child become more familiar with his/her new surroundings.
    • Your child will eat lunch in the cafeteria, play outside for recess and go to one of the five special classes i.e. music, art, etc.
    • We will also familiarize your child with arrival, dismissal and bus procedures.

    By spending the day in a small group setting, we will be able to provide children with individualized attention, getting to know them and their needs more quickly. This will help create a less intimidating environment for your child and help him/her have a successful start to the school year!

    Important Information:

    • Staggered start day information can be found on the Whitaker website -
    • Your child will be counted in attendance for both staggered start days.
    • Please make arrangements for child care on your child’s off day.
    • Whether this is your first or a subsequent child beginning kindergarten, this start schedule is for all kindergartners.

    Thank your in advance for supporting our youngest students with a positive beginning!

    Whitaker Kindergarten Team