•                                                   US History 2 2016-2017 Writing Notebook Entries

    ENTRY #1 (8/31/16)

    Having Listened to an excerpt from MLK’s “I have a Dream” Speech (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vDWWy4CMhE), Is Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream fulfilled?  Why or Why not? Be specific


    ENTRY #2 (9/6/16)

    Using the map on page 275 of your text book, answer the following questions regarding Military Reconstruction, 1867-1877:
    1)In What year was North Carolina readmitted  into the Union?
    2)Who was the Union General in Charge of North Carolina
    3)Which rebellious state was readmitted to the Union first? Why?
    ENTRY #3 (9/7/16) 

    1) Answer the questions on the sheet with this Thomas Nast Political Cartoon.

    2) Then Answer the following question:

      What is the Meaning of Freedom?

    ENTRY #4 (9/8/16)  
    Complete the End of Reconstruction Review Worksheet, front and back, and staple it into the 
    Notebook as ENTRY #4
    ENTRY #5 (9/9/16)  
    Complete the Presidents Film 1/2 sheet (Grant) and staple it into the 
    Notebook as ENTRY #5
    ENTRY #6 (9/12/16)  
    Complete the Plessy v. Ferguson Worksheet, and staple it into the 
    Notebook as ENTRY #6

    ENTRY #7 (9/22/16)

    PART A: (start  film at 11:51 mark)
    As you watch today’s film The Story of Us – “Heartland”, make a list of the challenges faced by Homesteaders during Western Migration/Settlement.  And, how did the Homesteaders face these challenges?
    PART B:
    What conflicts would have arisen between all the different types of people who were settling the last (western) frontier of America?  And who was the perpetual loser in all this?

    ENTRY #8 (9/28/16)
    Mrs. Mary Lease Raises More H---  Sheet, completed and stapled into your Writing Notebook


    ENTRY #9 (9/30/16)

    While Dr. McKinley Speaks, make a list of what you believe to be his FIVE Most important and/or interesting points






     Then, Overall, How did his talk fit in to what we have discussed thus far in US History 2?

    ENTRY #10 (10/06/16) 

    Name and discuss at least three ways in which the environment may have suffered from US industrialization and Western Expansion after

    the Civil War.


    ENTRY #11 (10/07/16) 

    ACTIVELY Read the Scientific Management article. Then keep this in mind while you watch the Modern Times factory scenes today (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfw0KapQ3qw). Then answer each of the following questions in your Writing Notebook:

    1) Analyze labor as a cost of production, as well as the scientific management of labor, as portrayed in the film and in the Scientific Management article from yesterday. 

    2) Watch for examples of the struggles of working in a factory

    3) How do you know this is a more modern portrayal of factory life than the late  1800s, and what inaccuracies do you note? STAPLE the ANNOTATED SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT SHEET INTO YOUR WRITING NOTEBOOK AS PART of ENTRY #11 

    ENTRY #12 (10/13/16)

    Explain the meaning of the political cartoon (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Standard_oil_octopus_loc_color.jpg) What are your hints?  Then…How would you define the term “Robber Baron”?
    ENTRY # 13 (10/17/16)

    What is Social Darwinism? Is it a valid idea? Why or why not?

    How do you think that the idea of Social Darwinism influenced and/or reflected the time period of Industrial Giants that we covered last week? Support your answer with specific information.


    ENTRY # 14 (10/19/16)
    Do you agree or disagree with the statement that the United States was/is a “melting pot” in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s? What about now? Explain your answer. (“melting pot” is a metaphor for a heterogeneous society becoming more homogeneous, the different elements "melting together" into a harmonious whole with a new/ unique common culture. It is particularly used to describe the assimilation of immigrants to the USA; the melting-together metaphor was in use by the 1780s - wikipedia)

    ENTRY #15 (10/24/16)

    A) Look/think back (you may use your notes) to the period after the Civil War, and specifically to the period known as the Gilded Age (1877-1900)…Make a list of 10 economic, political, social, racial, issues facing American Society.

    B) Then Read pages 416-17 in your textbook.  What is Progressivism?

    C) Then, circle the issues on your list that will be issue tackled by Progressives.


    ENTRY #16 (10/25/16)

    Social Darwinism vs. Social Contract Venn Diagram Sheet (Questions Answered)

    ENTRY #17 (10/25-27/16)

    MUCKRAKERS Packet, Fully Annotated and Filled out/completed

    ENTRY#18 (10/28/16)

    Draw a Political Cartoon* and then explain it. You may use either a current issue or an issue from the time period that we have been studying.

    Include a written explanation of the issue you are presenting and how you represented the issue in pictures.

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