Honors US History II Upcoming Assignments and Deadlines (First Quarter)
    • Sell-A- State Project - due Friday, 10/14 )...CLICK HERE for a copy of the assignment

    • Unit 2A Test  (Chapters 9, 10 and part of 12) - NOW FRIDAY, 10/21...CLICK HERE for a copy of the  REQUIRED Study Activity
    • Chapter 13 Otline/Quiz - due Friday, 10/28 ....CLICK HERE for a Copy of the Chapter 13 Outline Framework

    • Extra Credit Opportunity: Watch Gangs of New York (not There Will Be Blood, though if you have already watched it, ok, talk to me) and Write a summary of the Film (showing that you watched the entire film), as well as a discussion of HOW this film applies to what we have been discussing in class during the Gilded Age.  I will replace your lowest quiz grade with a 100 if you do this assignment.  All summaries are due by Nov. 7th, the final day of 1st Quarter.