• 2015
    2nd Grade Supply List
    Mrs. Johnson's Class
    * 1-box of crayons

    * 4-glue sticks

    * 2-packs of # 2 pencils

    * Erasers (pencil top and others)

    * 2-box of tissues

    * 1-box of washable markers

    * 2-packs of loose leaf paper (wide rule)

    * 1-pencil box AND 1 pencil pouch

    * 4-spiral books (wide rule)

    * 4-pocket folders

    * 1-hand sanitizer 

    * 1-book bag/back pack (no wheels)  

    * 1-lunch box (if needed)

    * 1 daily snack 
    *Students will keep up with some of the above supplies individually, others we will use as a class, and some I will store until needed. Please have periodic conversations with your child about keeping up with these items and letting you know when they start to run low.