•     1) Ecology Review wksht - "Biomes: Self-Test"
               Biomes: Self-Test
    Fri. Oct. 29
         No Class - Teacher workday (grades for 1st QTR due)
    Mon. Nov. 1
         1)  Surtsey Island reading;  Volcanic island & Primary Success.
    Tues. Nov. 2
         1)  Land Biomes Quiz
         2)  "Going to Extremes"; Polar/Tropic Ocean biodiversity
                     video w/notes
    Weds. Nov. 3
         1)  The Biogeochemical Cycles: Water, Carbon, Nitrogen Cycles
         2)  Wksht:  Diagram Cycles in book and questions.
    Thurs.  Nov. 4.
         1)  "Into the Wilderness" ; Planet Earth episode
                   (pollution, climate change, population pressure on species)
    Fri. Nov. 5
         1)  Biome & Ecology Bingo:  Review
    Mon. Nov. 8
          1)Biodiversity article:  "Jumping mouse tops Bulldozer"
          2) Rvw answers for "Biome Self-Test"
                Biomes: Self-Test answers