• PPT for Bones/Skeletal Unit:
                           Chp5a-bones Intro  (10/12/10)
                           Chp5b-Bone formation/repair (& skull bones) (10/18/10)
                           Chp5c-Fetal skull & Vertabrae (10/22/10)
                           Chp5d-Appendicular skeleton
                           Chp5e-Hip & lower limbs
                           Chp5f - Joints
      *Chapter 5 Guided Note Sheet for all PPT/lectures:  Chp5 Guided Notes Sheet
       *Chapter 5 Review packet - Bones-Chapter Review Pack
    Friday 10/8/10 -  PBS.org Video: "The Venom Cure" -Snake Venom in Medical Research(tissues/blood clotting)
    Monday 10/11/10
         PBS.org Video - Finish
    Tues. 10/12/10
         Drill:  What is an Osteoblast? Osteoclast?
         PPT lecture and Notes(slides 5.1-5.7):     Chp5a-bones
    Weds. 10/13/10
         PSAT: 1st pd 8:55-12:30
         Chp5 Rvw Pkt:  In class work.
    Thurs. 10/14/10
         Drill:  In long bones, what is the Diaphysis?  Epiphysis?
         Microscope Lab:  Muscle tissue characteristics(striated/non, volunt/involunt., etc)
            Muscle Tissue Lab
    Fri. 10/15/10
         Drill: In long bones, where is the periosteum located?  Endosteum?
         1) quick PPT lecture w/Notes:  Bone markings and Structure
         2)  Anatomy of Bones -wksht/diagrams  (No e-file yet)
         3)  Chp.5 Rvw Pkt if finished above.
    Mon. 10/18/10
         Drill:  Haversian Canal...What is it?  Canaliculi....What are they?
         1)  QUIZ - 10 Quest. (Muscle Tissue)
         2)  quick PPT lecture w/Notes:  Bone formation & Bone Repair
                Chp5b_BoneRepair-Axial Skeleton
         3)  Diagram process of bone formation(p. 121), Diagram process of bone repair (p. 124)
                 briefly explain each step of the process.
            7th pd.  "1918 Flu pandemic" video w/wksht" due to absence.
    Tues. 10/19/10
         Drill:  What happens during a compound fracture?  What is a "Hematoma"?
          1)  Slideshow:  Fracture x-rays; intro into skeletal bone names by identifying broken bone
          2)  Skull Bones wksht: Intro into identification of skull bones w/book
                   Skull-Labeling wksht
    Weds. 10/20/10
         Drill:  What is the name of the skull suture that divides the parietal bones into left & right halves?
                    What is the name of the skull suture that is behind the frontal bone and marks the skull into front and back halves (Kind of)?  Hint: remember your planes of dissection from 1st of year; sagittal, transverse, coronal.
         1)  Skull-labeling wksht: discuss answers w/projector
         2)  "Stanley the Skeleton" - 5 min. video intro to body skeletal bones
    Thurs. 10/21/10    
         Drill:  What is a foramen?  Give a "large" example in the skull.
                    What is a Condyle?  Give an example on the skull.
         1)  Quiz Rvw:  Drill Questions (10/12-10/20)
         2)  Chp. Rvw wkshts - classwork
    Fri. 10/22/10
         Drill:  NONE
         1)  Chp.Rvw wkshts - go over answers
         2)  PPT:  Fetal skull & Vertabrae
         3)  Chp Rvw Pkts
    Mon. 10/25/10
         Drill:  What factors influence/promotes bone growth?  Answer:  Gravity, hormones, Stress(mechanical)
         1)  QUIZ:  Drill Questions (10/12-10/20)
         2)"Space Bones" reading; Gravity influences on bone and astronauts   
                    NASA-SpaceBones Article/Questions
                If you have time, Here is another Good article:          Good Vibrations - NASA Article
         3)  Human growth hormone PPT;  effects on bone & abuse on body /bodybuilding
    Tues.  10/26/10
         Drill:  What shape is the sphenoid bone of the skull?
                   What is the "sella turcica" of the sphenoid?
         1)  Chp.5 Rvw PKT - classwork, pp. 61-67 DUE Weds.
    Weds. 10/27/10
         Drill:  NONE
         1)  Chp. Rvw PKT. DUE! (pp. 61-67)
         2)  Book work:  P.187 Rvw Questions #1-14 (Question & answer)
                (No 7th pd-tornado drill)
    Thurs. 10/28/10
         Drill:  NONE
         1)  Bone Bingo - Skull bones reinforcement
    Mon. 11-1-10
         Drill: None
          1) PPT w/student notes - Vertebrae & Bony Thorax
          2) Last 15 min. of class - Chapter Rvw Pkt
    Tues 11-2-10
         Drill:  How many cervical vertebrae are there?  Thoracic?  Lumbar?
             (Hint: Remember your general eating times- 7am, 12pm, 5 pm)
         Videos:  1)F.O.P; "Stoneman's disease".  2)Lumbar puncture 3)Bone biopsy
                Extra Credit:  Medical Issue of Bones.  1 1/2 paragraph summary (in your words) of topic that interests you which is relevant to bones/skeleton.  +5 pnts E.C. on Bones Test: Ex. if make 90% on test, + 5 E.C. = 95%.
           Sample topics:  Cancer of Bone, osteoporosis, scoliosis, "brittle bone" disease, Bone biopsy procedure.
    Weds. 11-3-10
         Drill: How are the "true" ribs defined?  False Ribs?  Floating ribs? and how many floating ribs?
          1) Complete Chp. Review pk; pp. 68-72.  Classwork; finishes axial skeleton.
           2) TEST ON MONDAY!  Bone Structure, Growth, & Axial skeleton (skull, vertebrae, bony thorax)
    Thurs. 11-4-10
         1)  Test Review Wksht: Classwork.     TEST REVIEW WORKSHEET
         3)  TEST on Monday.  Extra Credit DUE Monday!
    Fri. 11-5-10
         1) Discuss/Review HW: Test review worksheet- GRADED for HW.
         2) Discuss/Review Chapter Rvw Pkt. pp. 68-72: GRADED as Classwork.
               Test Review Wksht ANSWERS
    Mon. 11-8-10
         1) TEST -Bone structure, Growth, axial skeleton.
                 (7th pd. ONLY- TEST on Tuesday due to Senoir Assembly on Mon.)
    Tues. 11-9-10
         1)  "Osteogenesis Imperfecta:  Children of Glass" video
                             Children of Glass-Wksht
                     Children of Glass-Pt1
                     Children of glass- Part 2
                     Children of glass- part 3 of 4
                      Children of Glass-Pt4
    Weds. 11-10-10
        1)  "Osteogenesis Imperfecta: child. of glass" : Continued
                    W/video wksht