• Architects Team Safety Agreement


    Before any student participates in a laboratory activity the teacher, student, and parent must sign an agreement to adhere to the following expectations:


    1)     I will wait to touch any materials that are placed on my desk until I have been given instruction and permission to begin.

    2)     I agree to assume responsibility for my own safety and for the safety of my classmates.

    3)     I will handle all laboratory equipment properly.

    4)     I will familiarize myself with the laboratory techniques involved in each investigation before I attempt to perform the investigation.

    5)     I will learn the location and proper use of the safety equipment in the classroom.

    6)     I will report any accident or injury to the teacher immediately.

    7)     I will return all materials and equipment to their proper place.

    8)     I will keep all food and drink out of the classroom during laboratory activities.

    9)     If I spill any chemical, I will wash immediately with water and report the spill immediately to my teacher.

    10)I will use the safety equipment provided (this may include goggles, lab aprons, and gloves).




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