Compass Learning can be used for:
    • Blended learning or flipped classroom instruction.
    • Whole class instruction for introduction or review using a projection system.
    • Grade recovery for students who need assistance in understanding a concept and replacing a failing grade.
    • Credit recovery for students who have received an “F” on their transcript for a core course. The course is developed by the Program Managers.
    • Enrichment for students who need something extra to achieve an “A” in your course using teacher made assignments.
    • Assigning ISS students lesson activities.
    • Hospital Homebound students can take course work.

    If you are going to assign students many activities, lessons or chapters of a course, then you will need to:

    • create the class, add the students and assign the activities (in that order)
    • you must create the class, add the students and assign the work
    • if someone else creates the class for you, you will not be able to enter grades in the gradebook or do other things

    Link to Compass Learning   http://thelearningodyssey.com