Foundations of Math 1

  • Course Goal:

    To Strengthen Prerequisite Skills needed for Successful Completion of Math I, emphasizing:

    ● Basic Algebraic Concepts

    ● Introduction to Specific Content from the Math I

     Tutorial Videos are posted on the Video page.  Specific videos will be linked to assignments when possible.


    Course Materials

    - Notetaking: 1” 3-Ring Binder with Paper and 4 Dividers                 - Graph Paper

    - #2 Pencils (additional erasers are helpful!)                                    - Colored Pencils

    - TI-83 or TI-84 series graphing calculator (get extra batteries!)    - Ruler and protractor

    Classroom supplies needed (providing these is optional, but greatly appreciated!)


    * Box of tissues    * Hand sanitizer    * Paper Towels     *AAA Batteries    * Pencils     * Colored Copy Paper

     Grade Weighting

    40%  Tests/Projects

    30%  Quizzes

    30%  Classwoerk/Homework