• Boyer’s Blog Agreement


                Students in Mr. Boyer’s science class will have periodic homework assignments called Boyer’s Blog.  These are typically due every two weeks and the students have one week to complete the assignment.  Students may be asked to respond to a prompt, provide their opinion about a topic, or answer questions based on what we are studying in class.

                This paper is to inform parents and students of the expectations and options for Boyer’s Blog.  There are two ways to access the assignment and also two ways to submit work…

                Students can access Boyer’s Blog on the internet.  They will be shown how to find the Kernersville Middle School webpage and then locate Mr. Boyer’s webpage where the link to Boyer’s Blog can be found.  Students with internet access can then complete their assignment and submit it on the website.

                An alternative to using the internet is the old-fashioned paper and pencil.  Students that choose this method will need to ask Mr. Boyer for a copy of the blog assignment, complete the assignment on paper, and turn it in to Mr. Boyer.

                Boyer’s Blog assignments are often assigned on a Friday during class and then will be due the following Friday.  No blog assignment is designed to take more than 30 minutes to complete.

               Blog assignments count as normal homework grades and will be scored on completeness (Quantity of Work), professionalism (Quality of Work), and on the information (Content).  These expectations will be made clear to the students and they will be provided with a few quick hints (spell check and word count) to ensure good scores.

                Parents are asked to help their children remember to gain access to the assignment, complete it, and submit it.  Thank you for your cooperation.



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