The Downtown School

Children Learn What They Live

The Downtown School's mission is to be a catalyst for students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens through the combined efforts of the school, parents, business partners and community.
We believe children: Are unique. Are inquisitive and socially interactive. Possess individual timings and patterns of growth. Incorporate prior life experiences into new learning. Therefore, the School Community will: Treat children with respect and dignity. Model acceptance of diversity. Teach skills, processes and self-evaluation necessary for life-long learning. Provide an active learning environment that offers security and understanding. Cultivate value for the environment. Promote responsibility of self. Foster an enthusiasm for learning.
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  • WELCOME to The Downtown School

    Home of the DALMATIANS!
    Principal- Andy Lester-Niles
    Assistant Principal-  Don Jones
    Assistant Principal of Instruction - Laura Bilton
    A 21st Century School