• North Forsyth High School Parking Information
    In order to purchase a parking permit, students must provide:
    • Valid driver’s license,
    • Current vehicle registration (not expired),
    • WS/FCS registration/driving permit form signed by parent/guardian and student

    When all permits are given for existing parking spaces, a list will be kept of those who need permits, which will be sold as spaces become available.  Parking is first come, first served—not assigned.

    This school year, students may ONLY park in the main parking lot in front of the school. They may not park in the back parking lot in front of the gym, the bus lot, or the cafeteria lot.
    Parking Requirements

    Student parking on school grounds is a privilege for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who will abide by the following terms and conditions:
    1. Students must not owe any money to the school.
    2. Students will park their car immediately upon arrival on campus each day and not return to their cars without permission from school officials.
    3. Students will leave campus immediately if released during the school day for their destinations.
    4. Students must place the parking permit on the front dash to the lower front passenger side window.
    5. Students will neither enter nor exit through the bus parking lot or the cafeteria parking lot.
    6. Students will drive cautiously and obey all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the operation and parking of motor vehicles as established by the state, county, school system and North Forsyth High School.
    7. Students will not bring onto school grounds nor keep in any vehicle while it is on school grounds any prohibited or controlled substance such as beer, wine, alcohol or drugs, nor any gun, explosive, blackjack or other weapon.
    8. Students will allow school officials to open, enter and search any vehicle if they have a reasonable suspicion that any of the items described in paragraph 7 above are in their vehicles.They will allow school officials to remove such items as evidence in school disciplinary proceedings or as evidence in a criminal prosecution.
    9. Students are not allowed to leave campus during their lunch period. 
    Automobiles will be wheel-locked and/or towed at students’ expense if they park on campus without a valid permit.
    Students and parents will be notified as to the towing agency and its address.


    Parking Reminders

    1. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a valid drivers license and parking permit may park on school campus.
    2. Any freshmen who park on campus will booted and will have to pay a fee for removal.  The vehicle could be also be towed.
    3. Buses and pedestrians always have the right of way.
    4. Cars should always be locked.
    5. The parking lot should be clean and kept free of litter.
    6. Student vehicles should only be parked in student parking areas.
    7. Parking permits are not transferable to other vehicles.
    8. Students must purchase a temporary permit at a charge of $1/day if driving another car.
    9. If a parking permit is lost or stolen, there will be a $5 charge for a duplicate permit. To purchase a duplicate permit, students must submit a new Student Driving and Parking Permit form, along with the permit issued at the time of initial application.
    10. Mount Tabor is not responsible to damage to vehicles or items taken from them.
    11. Permits are not transferable from the designated lot for which it was issued.  Any student failing to comply will be subject to the penalties for parking violations.
    12. Students are not permitted to park behind the cafeteria, gym or bus lot at any time.


    Leaving Campus

    North Forsyth does not give students permission to leave campus during lunch or at any other time.
    • First offense: warning—parent contact
    • Second offense: driving privilege revoked for five days
    • Third offense: driving privilege revoked for ten days
    • Fourth offense: driving privilege revoked for thirty days
    • Fifth offense: driving privilege revoked for school year


    Motor Vehicles Regulations

    Students and other persons who park motor vehicles on public school grounds in violation of the Parking Rules and Regulations established by the Board of Education in Policy 5131.3 and the “Rules of the Road” set forth in Part 10 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1937, as amended, G.S. 20-138 et seg., are subject to the disciplinary actions and penalties set forth below. 

    Revocation of parking privileges may occur as a result of the following: QPA below 2.0, Five unexcused tardies, Truancy/Skipping, Taking someone off-campus, Five unexcused absences, Four trips to ISS, or Owing fees to school

    Penalties for Parking Violations:
    Students parking with a permit – any violation (subject to towing at any time)
    • First Offense – Loss of parking privileges/permit for 4 weeks
    • Second Offense – Loss of parking privileges/permit for 9 weeks
    • Third Offense –Termination of any future parking privileges/permit
    Students parking without a permit (subject to towing at any time)
    • First offense - warning sticker adhered to driver side window.  
    • Second offense – Wheel lock, subject to a $15.00 removal fee
    • Third offense – Wheel-lock, subject to $25.00 removal fee
    • Fourth offense – Vehicle will be towed at owner's expense and student may be suspended for up to 10 days.  
    Towing Procedures:
    If a vehicle is towed from a school, the principal or the principal’s designee shall notify the last known registered owner of the vehicle of the following:
    • A description of the vehicle;
    • The place where the vehicle has been towed;
    • The reason the vehicle was towed and the parking violation with which the owner is charged, if any;
    • The procedure the owner must follow to have the vehicle returned to him/her,
    • and the procedure the owner must follow to request a probable cause hearing on the towing.G.S. 20-222.2.This notice shall be given orally (via telephone), if feasible, and shall be followed with a written notice, unless the owner or the owner's agent waives the notice in writing.
    If the vehicle has a North Carolina license plate or registration, the notice shall be given to the owner within 24 hours.If the vehicle is not registered in North Carolina, the notice shall be given to the owner within 72 hours.

    Right to a Probable Cause Hearing
    1. The owner must be informed that he/she may request, in writing, a hearing to determine if probable cause existed for the towing.
    2. The request shall be filed with the magistrate located at the Hall of Justice. 3.The magistrate shall set the hearing within 72 hours of the receipt of the request.
    3. The owner and the official who authorized the towing must be notified of the date, time and place of the hearing by the magistrate.
    4. The school official who authorized the towing may attend the hearing or may submit an affidavit in lieu of appearing personally.
    5. The only issue at the hearing is whether or not probable cause existed; the owner is responsible for the costs of towing and storage.If the magistrate finds that probable cause did not exist, the school system must pay for towing and storage of the vehicle.Either party may appeal the magistrate’s decision.
Last Modified on January 3, 2021