• ¡Bienvenidos al sitio de Señora Polakovic!
    I am happy to start my new year at Parkland in Spanish I and IV-V IB. Get ready to speak, read, write, listen and learn en español!
    Below is my schedule this year:

    A Day 

    B Day 

     1 - Spanish I

    1 - Spanish IV - V 

    2 - Planning 

    2 - Spanish I 

    3 - Spanish I

    3 - Planning

     4 - Spanish IV IB

     4 - Spanish I

    * Spanish Club meets each last Wednesday of the month at 3:50 - 4:30 to plan fun activies and share some authentic treats!
    *Tuturing will be offered every Friday from 8:00 - 8:30 am. It is helpful for students to let me know in advance that they are coming so I may plan accordingly.
    Spanish I and IV-V IB
    Class Expectations:

    In order to build our learning community, the following are class expectations:

    1.    Arrive on time. You are to be within the doorway before the bell stops ringing. Tardies will be written up for entering after the bell.

    2.    Sit in your assigned seat and begin the warm up activity.

    3.    Come to class prepared with your notebook, textbook, pen/pencil, homework and all that is needed for the class.

    4.    YOU are solely responsible for your book. If you lose it, you must pay the office for it. You don’t want to risk graduating for a missing book!

    5.    NO food or drink. NO GUM. Period.

    6.    NO perfume/lotion/make up/hairstyling in class.

    7.    NO cell phones or electronics of any kind are to be visible during class. NO texting, NO photos, NO talking on any device. You will get a warning to put the device away the first time; the second time it will be taken to the office for parent pick up.

    8.    NO vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive language or comments at any time. Remember the golden rule: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. We are here to build each other up; not tear anyone down.

    9.    School district policies/rules apply in regards to proper computer usage, dress code, etc.

    10. Trips to the bathroom are limited. In the first nine weeks, TWO visits are permitted with a hall pass, so plan accordingly. Any movement in the hall requires a hall pass.

    11.  My desk and work areas, cabinets and materials are mine. You are not to be in those areas or touching materials without my permission.

    12. NO ONE may line up at the door at the end of the class without permission. You are to be seated until dismissed by me.


    Spanish Class expectations:

    1.     PARTICIPATE. You are learning a spoken language, you therefore must Spanish to learn it.

    2.    ASK questions – we are all here to learn.

    3.    STUDY! You must help the words get into your head; they won’t get in there by themselves. Vocabulary quizzes and tests will be given.

    4.    HOMEWORK must be done for practice. You will have 2 nights to do it, so assignments must be on time for full credit.

    5.    HAVE AN OPEN MIND! The world is full of wonderfully different people and things. Explore the world from wherever you are in life!

    6.    ENJOY learning another way to communicate with other humans.

    7.    CHALLENGE yourself to think (and even speak!) in Spanish outside of class.

    Challenge your family and friends!